Softball Tryouts and Registration

Use the link below to register for 2020 Team Virginia softball tryouts:

Please visit the following link for a recap of all Team Virginia softball tryouts: Team Virginia Softball Tryouts Region-specific tryouts can also be found by visiting the links below for each division:

Please contact coaches directly below for questions about team-specific tryouts. If you have a more general question, you can direct your questions to:

Prince William Division - Softball
Mike Crabill 703-269-8202 Softball 18U
Robert Arroyo 703-884-7331 Softball 16U
George Fellman    540-940-9261 Softball  
Brett Shankle 703-819-0862 Softball 16U
Randy Gamble 703-509-1922 Softball 14U
John Ashcraft    571-332-6674 Softball  
Mike Burns 703-599-0042 Softball 12U
Jose Cruz    267-968-4170 Softball  
Hank Harris 216-214-2651 Softball 10U
Fauquier Division - Softball
Haylee Marsteller 913-704-7415 Softball 23U
Susan Harrington 540-222-3721 Softball 18U
Jesse Lewis 540-222-1330 Softball 18U
Chris Leatherman 828-320-6376 Softball 16U
Craig Gilmore    703-303-4366 Softball  
Rich Peregrino 703-489-5921 Softball 16U
Bo Frazier 540-878-8321 Softball 16U
Jen Lovell 703-201-7989 Softball 14U
Carrie Rodgers 757-615-8878 Softball 12U
Loudoun Division - Softball
Khurrum Shakir 203-943-8729 Softball 14U
Samantha Rudolph 703-434-1634 Softball 12U
Pat McNanley 703-867-8073 Softball 10U
Dustin Grimes    703-930-8444 Softball  
Stafford Division - Softball
John Barton 907-750-3596 Softball 12U