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Softball Tryouts and Registration

Use the link(s) below to register for a specific team or to complete our waiver:

Team Tryout Registration- https://form.jotform.com/201845908363157

Guest Player/Practice Waiver- https://form.jotform.com/202826731891157

Please contact coaches directly below for questions about team-specific openings and/or tryout info. If you have a more general question, you can direct your questions to: teamvirginiaathletics@gmail.com

Teams By Division Cell Email Sport Age

Charlottesville Division - Softball

Matt Wickline   mwickline@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 14U
Kelsey Garrison   kgarrison@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 10U

Fauquier Division - Softball

Susan Harrington 540-222-3721 sharrington@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 23U/18+
Jen Lovell 703-201-7989 jlovell@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 18U
Ruth Thomas 571-220-1518 rthomas@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 14U
Chris Patten 571-288-2458 cpatten@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 11U
Steve Pappalardo  202-870-7978 spappalardo@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 8U
Kim Maine   kmaine@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 8U

Loudoun Division - Softball

Mario Ordaz 956-607-6740 mordaz@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 18U
Dustin Barkley 540-454-2610 dbarkley@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 12U
Veronica Pearson 703-627-7440 vpearson@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 11U
Noelle Miller 571-216-1001 nmiller@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 9U

Prince William Division - Softball

Heather Gary 540-840-3591 hgary@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 18U
Ken Russian 703-856-1762 krussian@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 16U
Jose Cruz 267-816-5973 jcruz@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 14U
Dan Ehrmantraut   dehrmantraut@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 14U
Robert Arroyo 703-884-7331 rarroyo@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 13U
Brian Hughes   bhughes@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 12U

Stafford Division - Softball

Randy Gamble 703-509-1922 rgamble@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 18U
John Barton 907-750-3596 jbarton@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 16U

Winchester Division - Softball

Scott Mayhew 540-325-0059 smayhew@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 16U
Sam Reel 540-631-8282 sreel@teamvirginiaathletics.com Softball 14U